In case you have not decided an outfit to flaunt during Halloween and cannot really think of something interesting, you can always fall back on the hobo costumes. It is something which can be easily put together and is really economical. Anybody can carry this outfit and make the evening a huge success. Use clothes that look like the hand me down types, a little too big for you or a tad too small. Make use of mismatched boots and shoes – the oldest, dirtiest sneakers you own; or, better still, go without boots. A board with a catchy sign asking for money and a little makeup complete your outfit. Make sure you dirty your shirt beforehand so that you get the true hobo look.



Harry the Hobo Clown Adult Costume 

(Available in Large, X-Large)
Whether it’s a kid’s party or a bank robbery, Harry the Hobo is optimistic to every punchline!
With every element of a colourful and accented circus clown, Harry the Hobo has fallen on hard times and frayed a little around the edges, but with your bandana satchel (included) you can ride the streetcar until you get your next big comical break!




Hobo Honey Adult Costume

(Available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large)

Whether it’s a kid’s party or a bank robbery, this Hobo Honey is optimistic to every punchline!
With every element of a colourful and accented circus clown, this Hobo Honey is a perfect match with Harry the Hobo Clown. You can dumpster dive hand in hand in this perfect couple costume ensemble, or just get silly in the circus!





Hobo Harry Mascot Adult Costume

(Available in One-Size)
This Hobo Harry is a softhead, but he’s such a lovable mascot that he is perfect for any event!
Hobo Harry will see you through the years with its unique durable and breathable lightweight construction, which gives the patented “softhead” a great realistic look and detail. With greater mobility than ever, the crowd will just love to interact with Hobo Harry, whether it be a football game or a promotional event!



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Further Details
Fancy dress is worn for all types of occasions and celebrations. For example you may perhaps go to a birthday party with a particular theme for instance pirate, where all and sundry joins in by dressing in fancy dress. An additional extremely well-liked point in time to wear fancy dress is Halloween. Halloween is an yearly feast observed on the night 31st Oct. It has its roots in the Celtic holiday of Samhain and the Christian festival All Saints’ Day, but is these days in the main a secular celebration.
Things to do at Halloween comprise of girls and boys playing trick or treating, wearing party cotumes and attending costume parties, carving jack-o-lanterns, ghost walks, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting ghostly places, shenanigans, telling bloodcurdling stories, and watching horror movies.





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